Beginning of Week

Check on supplies, and order as necessary:

  • Office supplies, especially toner and paper, plus colored paper for warehouse.
  • Skids, boxes, and shipping labels for warehouse. (Shipping labels are under shipping desk. Order more when we get down to two full boxes.)
  • Warehouse supplies at the end of aisle 1, especially:
    • Pallet wrap (try to have at least 2 rolls on hand, preferably more).
    • Packing tape (when they make boxes, they go through this fast, so try to have at least 2 cases).
    • Tub liner (make sure to have one roll in box, plus one open roll).

End of Week


  • Backup training database via phpMyAdmin
  • Backup projects data (create a bash script to do this and execute via cron)

Beginning of Month

  • Reset MISys measurables to zero and class from “notok” to “ok”, where applicable
  • Calendar on website: delete last month's events. (Adjust featured event as necessary.)

End of Month

  • Change protection status of Supplier On Time Delivery log to restrict editing.


  • Order new vacation planner calendar


  • Create new Supplier On-Time Delivery Log
  • Make sure we have good 9-volt batteries on hand for thermostats

Last Day of Year

  • Changes dates of Sherri's reports in QuickBooks
  • Move boxes from office to storage
  • Update measureables for year on website
  • Export training records from Moodle

First Day of Year

  • Delete unused office supply items from QuickBooks
  • Create shortcuts on desktop to new:
    • Supplier On-Time Delivery Log
    • Customer 8D Log