Windows 10

To empty temp folder:

  1. Windows key + R
  2. Type: %temp%

To view startup folder:

  1. Windows key + R
  2. Type: shell:startup

To print directory listing:

  1. Hold down shift key as you right-click anywhere in the folder
  2. In the contextual menu, select “Open PowerShell window here”
  3. Type one of the following:
    1. dir > printit.txt — generates a list of all files, their permissions mode, their size, and their last write time
    2. dir /b > printit.txt — will print only the file names
    3. dir /o:d > printit.txt — will sort by date
    4. dir *.png /o:d /s > printit.txt — will list only *png files, sorted by date, and will include those found in the current folder's subfolders
    5. dir /? — will give a list of more options

Miscellaneous Tasks: