To find piece weight in a lot

  1. Go to Master List » Items
  2. Find the -PLN part number and open
  3. Click on the “Stock” tab
    1. Click on the WHSE line to highlight
    2. Click on “SLT Details” button
  4. Drill into a lot number. The weight is in the description.

Auditing Parts per Release Schedules

  1. Click on Planning Tab
  2. Go to “Material Requirements Planning” » “Master Production Schedule”
  3. Double-click on current schedule
  4. Find the part in the “Summary” tab
  5. The “Details” tab shows releases
  6. The “Audit” tab shows potential shortages, in addition to purchase orders and manufacturing order completion.

To change Crystal report used for purchase orders:

  1. Go to Purchasing » Print/Send Orders
  2. In the “Definition File” box, select the MIPOH001C.RPT file. (This is located in the “reports” folder in the MISys client folder in the Program Files folder on your local machine. It is not located on the server.)

To change decimal places on purchase orders:

  1. Navigate to Accounting » Currency Services » Currency Codes
  2. Double click the currency you are using.
  3. Adjust “Decimal Places” as necessary.

Adding Suppliers

  • If they are providing material or supplies, simply add them as a supplier.
  • If they are providing outside processing, you also need to add them as a Location and as a Work Center. (Both are necessary to create BOMs.)

Help Forum

The MISys help forum is here. You can read through the knowledgebase articles or submit a ticket.